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It started three years ago. The moment Raph stumbled into Milliways instead of the townie bar he'd meant to, his life was changed forever. He found himself in a place where he could just be and didn't have to hide. Of course, no one warns you that when you befriend a whole bunch of people from different places in the multi-verse that their battles become yours. This here is the tale of what happens when one ninja ex-turtle becomes a part of a story that wasn't his.

It all starts with a series of assassinations in the Dover-verse portion of the Wizarding World. Raph, who has a Wizard Wireless in his Tent-That-Dreamed-of-Being-a-Studio-Apartment, hears the news and sets off to find Tonks and offer any comfort and help that he can. Somewhere along the way Bernard takes it upon himself to supply the Ministry of Magic with more conventional weapons, and Raph gives him an ultimatum. Raph is not pleased, and tells Bernard exactly what he thinks of the Barman's interference in the most delicate way possible...which is to say like a freight train running at full speed. Sometime later, while he's fixing up his bike out by the lake, he gets a visit from Tonks. She informs Raph that Bernard has decided to ignore Raph's advice and take a far more active role in the upcoming conflict. Raph is not amused, and in true brotherly fashion decides to make a nuisance of himself and enlist as well.

The battle rages and is followed by an even more stressing aftermath. But worry not, everyone is okay.

This is where things start to get weird. Eventually Bernard and the others return to Milliways, but Raph does not. Raph, as luck would have it, has caught the attention of a rather ambitious Medi-Wizard by the name of Geoffry Swillings. You see, non-humans just don't have the same rights and protections in the Wizarding World that humans do, and so the moment that Swillings realized Raph was not human Swillings turned the constantly-stunned ninja ex-turtle over to Experimental Project Manager Thurston Twingleson. Poor Swillings and Twingleson, if only they knew what they had they might stop having so many rude awakenings. Endless bite marks and weapons reforged by Greek Gods to never be lost are hard to believe, but surely no harm could come from drawing a little blood, right?

In the mean time Twingleson sends word to colleagues in America that he's in need of a curse breaker; one with a strong background in transfiguration and knowledge of indigenous shape shifters. A filter like that will generate a list of one: Tabitha Ravenwood. Much like those who hired her, Ravenwood has no idea what she's getting into with her playing with ankhs, and poking around with curses she doesn't understand.. Poor girl.

It's around this time that folks back at Milliways begin to notice the rather Raph-shaped vacuum. Tonks returns to St Mungo's see if she can track him down, only to find out that he'd been discharged and is, according to his Medi-Wizard, spending time with his girlfriend. Tonks sends word back to Milliways and for a while the worry is quelled.

Little known fact, but the mutagen-laden blood of a mutated animal from the Mirage-Universe actually causes mutation in other animals. So those lab rats and kneazles that were inoculated with that strange blood of subject 122.125? Well let's just say the Rats of NIHM have nothing on these guys.

Meanwhile, back on the bi-pedal research side of things, Ravenwood and Swillings discuss her wound, the problems with lab animals, and the looming fate of 112.125.

Which isn't to say that the lab animals are out of it, because they're not. In fact one of them, a white rat named Ponsenby, receives a rather important visitor when trying to aid his fellow test subjects' escape.

With fresh news as to Raph's where abouts, Death returns to Milliways not knowing that everyone thought Raph was with Her, and that no one knew Raph was with Them. This does not make her a happy camper, but it does make Mike nearly vomit.

Unable to leave the bar to gather reinforcements, Mike sets about plotting a daring rescue in order to free his brother from the bonds of Wizarding Science. Thankfully Mike receives some help and guidance from Donatello and Meleka

The bit about the rescue that would go here, is not here. If you squint it's possible that you'd be able to make out just a fraction of the planning, plotting, and execution of one of the great Recon Missions of the game. Sadly this thread did not get played out in game. Real life and a poorly equipped GM are to blame for this omission, but this shouldn't stop people from imagining how awesome it was.

The rescue party involved: John Constantine, Melaka Fray, Indiana Jones, Jocasta Wiggs, Andrew Wells, Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo,
In short: They came. They found. They kicked some discreet ass.
It was glorious.
Snippets of said glory can be found in the resulting the return. Not long after bursting through the front door, the immediate family of the rescued

Raph is installed into Mike's bedroom in Suite 134, his brothers and father stand vigil, and where others are invited to visit. For example Bernard and Lilly.

The constant Stunning from the Medi-Wizard team has left Raph's brain in a what appeared to be a permanent unconscious state, not unlike that of a deep coma. When the stunning stopped, how ever, Raph's subconscious began to reassert itself, launching the ex-turtle head first into The Dreaming. Of course The Dreaming is a nice place to visit, but no one other than the King of Dreams should ever live there, which is probably why Dream Lord forces Raph to Wake Up!.

Now that he is awake Raph isn't going to let the fact that he's equal parts grumpy and gimpy can't keep him down. What kind of ninja would that make him...aside from a smart one. A whole three days after waking up he drops in unexpectedly on Bernard at home. A few months after that outing Raph manages to sneak out onto the balcony of Suite 132, where he shares a chat and a smoke with the lovely Lilly Kane. Until finally his youngest brother Mike gets sick of his disappearing shenanigans and carts him and his wheelchair off to be babysat by Alanna.

Hopefully this has filled in some of the holes as to where Raph has been for the better part of the last year.
But what of the lab animals? Of the staff involved? Of the recon break in?
Only time will tell.

[ooc note: none of this would be possible without the muns of the following characters-
Indiana Jones, Goldilocks, Andrew Wells, Bernard Wrangle, Tim Hunter, Meg Giry, Kara Thrace, Morpheus, Alanna Young, Angelina Johnson, Angua von Uberwurld, Xander Harris, River Tam, Moiraine, Roland Duchaine,

Extra Special thanks to the muns of:
Donatello, Leonardo, Splinter,

With very loud enthusiastic shout outs to:
Meg (she of the well kept Memory page)
Mitch and Emmy (masters of finding that one thread I couldn't find anywhere else)
Gareth (plot ideas galore)
Debi (for listening to me whine about this for the last six months)
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It's cold outside, but not as cold as it has been. Just cold enough to momentarily take your breath away, but without all of that messed up nose-freezing stuff that requires undignified twitching to fix.

Raph's flopped himself down into a patio chair, while his wheel chair stands guard on the opposite side of the sliding glass doors.

Sometimes you just need quiet....and a little nicotine.
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Hi! There is no Ninja Turtle Plotting Comm...though now I'm tempted to make one just so we're not left out. Sewer_Ways? Ninja_Ways? Chet_Ways?
Anyway, this post is here so that there might be some discussion/awareness of the canon puncture of the Turtle Universe.

Off the top of my head the only Millicanon that directly references the Turtle Universe is Veronica Mars.
(Veronica has a Ninja Turtle sleeping bag.)

It wouldn't surprise me if Farscape had a reference or two, because John Crichton is a freak like that.
And speaking of John...

Millicanon hosts complete, total and utter Turtle Universe Puncture. And no, it's not as dirty as it sounds. And no matter how much you wish it to be, it's still not as dirty as I'm sure you'd like it to be.

Crichton was the first, and Raph nearly broke his neck when he brought it up.
Star Wars was after that.
Then Tim Hunter gave Raph his very own Raph animatronic head for Christmas and Mike was given the entire run of the comics and cartoons.

SO, right then.
Sally forth and so on.
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So he does, because when the Dream King expels you from his Kingdom, the only thing you can do is comply.
And as quickly as frickin' possible.

Raph groans slightly as his eyes work their way open. His body aches and his eyes burn. Weeks of non-use have taken their toll, and Raph did not have exact change. It's hard for him to focus on the room with the lights as dim as they are, but he begins to get a sense of where he is...and that he's not alone. He tries to sit up, but is unsuccessful.

"Raph? Keep still. It's okay. You're here. You're safe."

Leo. It's Leo. Just Leo. Raph stops fighting, and lays back down comforted that the shape in the shadow to his left is just his brother.


His voice is low, barely more than a strained whisper.

"...what's a guy gotta do to get some food 'round here?"

The shadow on the left leans forward, revealing an Asian man, and not the green skinned shape Raph was expecting. After a moment the man's expression cracks, breaking into a very distinctively dignified smile. There is no mistaking the man is Leo. But...human? When the heck did that happen?

"HEY!," he yells towards the door. "He's awake! He wants some food! Bring some food!"

Raph groans again as the shout reverberates between his ears. He reaches up to Leo in an effort to shush him, but instead finds himself pulled into a hug by his older brother.

"Don't you ever do that again. Do you hear me? We've been worried sick."

"yeah yeah, a'right Leo. jus'...get off me!"

But his older brother, caught in a moment of human emotional affection, doesn't budge. Just then the door to the bedroom opens, flooding the once dark and peaceful room with a nearly overwhelming amount of light and sound. The outside world is in, and it's not leaving without a fight.

Just as Raph's eyes adjust a flash cube explodes, and the tell-tale whirr of a Poloroid camera can be heard over the din.

"It's a Kodak moment," explains Don, just before Mike pushes past him with a tray of food. Stampy scoots in between Mike's feet, trumpeting her impending assault on the bed.

It's possible, Raph thinks to himself, that he was better off asleep.
Happy Birthday Raph, and welcome home.
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The scene opens on the interior of Raph's tent as it exists at present, the scene is a desolate one. The camera pans through the space, starting with the front door flap and moving counter-clockwise through the space. As it travels through the living room/sitting area there is a brief pause to take in the one shred of magic still left on the roof: the Raph-shaped clean spot that claims the left-most cushion of the couch. The tour continues over the breakfast bar and through the galley kitchen, before coming to a halt on the remnants of what was once a bed.

Suddenly the alarm clock on the bedside table sputters to life, and the moonlight which bathes the room is augmented by the blue blinking display. The camera pivots to take in the face of the clock which blinks the time: 1:22 am. When it pans back to the bed proper, the bed is not only whole but currently occupied as well. A shirtless Human RAPHAEL lays on his back, his eyes closed.
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*The door opens to what appears to be a standard issue hospital suite.
Various monitors and machines whirr and beep in the working gloom.

To the left of the door is a small desk, to the right a locked cabinet with glass doors.
But the most eye catching thing in the whole room isn't the machines or the desk, or even the locked cabinet, it's the man in the bed directly across from the door.
The man that those employed here refer to by nothing more than a number.

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"Morning, and how are we on this beautiful..."

"can it."

"Someone wake up on the.."

"I Said, can it."

"What in Merlin's name is the matter with you?"

"I've had a shit-tastic morning, that's what."

"Gracious, what happened?"

"Well for one thing my neck still fucking hurts."

"Still not allowing you to take any pain potions, huh?"

"Does this look like it's been treated with potions?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought."

"Is that infected?"

"I sure as hell hope so, because right now it's the only thing I've got to explain what ever the hell it was that I walked in on this morning."

"Do I want to know?"

"Do you have a choice?"

"Right. No. Do go on."

"There's something wrong with the lab animals."


"I went in this morning and turned on the lights, like always, and specimen 9..."

"The little brown and white spotted one?"

"Yeah, him. As soon as the light went on looked like he was trying to choke himself with his own tail."

"You can't be...oh alright you're serious."

"And anytime I tried to go near it to see what was going on, it was like every other rat and kneazle in the room went batshit."


"I know, I know. It sounds..."


"Fuck you...but yeah. It's like, they were all kind of protecting him. I've seen some studies of kneazles forming strong familial bonds, but not with prey animals, and certainly not in a laboratory environment."

"You do realize how this sounds...right?"

"Like a Flu-lagged American who's worked one all-nighter too many?"


"And if that isn't bad enough, I keep losing my place."

"'re not actually attempting..."

"To diagram it's scars? Yeah."

"You really are a masochist."

"This shouldn't be this hard."

"Well, I wouldn't imagine it would be. Just time consuming. What seems to be the problem?"

"They don't match up."


"The scars, they don't match up. It's like..."

"Isn't that the nature of scars? The fact that it's skin that didn't match up?"

"No...that's not what I mean. Look. This one on its hand. It goes from the first to the middle digit, right? But it stops inbetween. The flesh between the digits is pristine. It's's never been touched before. This one here, looks like a burn of some sort. Again, there's nothing in between the digits. This one here is my favorite."

"You have a favorite?"

"Look, you do what you do to get through your day, leave what I do to get through mine, alone."

"Sure. Yes. Please lower your quill."

"Anyway, this is my favorite because look. On the third digit, this scar should go over to the fourth...and it does. Just not straight across. It's on the third joint, but that joint is four centimeters behind the third joint of the third digit."

"That...that doesn't make sense."

"But you're seeing it too, right? Because I'm beginning to get a really bad feeling about all of this. I mean...the Muggle technology?"

"Well that's just a safety precaution. You of all people..."

"Should appreciate what happens when he's subjected to magic...yeah yeah, I know. Every morning I wake up I know, thanks for pouring lemon juice on that papercut."

"Sorry, I didn't mean..."

"No, no. It's me that should be sorry. I'm sorry, I'm not through my third cup of coffee yet, and that tends to make me cranky."


"Oh don't look at me like that. It's the closest thing you're going to get to an apology."

"Point taken. How is the rest of this going? Gotten past its hand yet?"

"Huh? Oh...oh yeah, I've been at this the better part of the last couple of days. The hands and feet are the worst, but I've got a good portion of the rest of it landmarked."

"What are you're thoughts on this?"

"You mean other than the fact that it looks human? No idea. I've taken measurements..."


"By hand."

"Oh. Yes, yes of course."'

"And the only thing that I can get from them is that it's human. A perfect human bite. I mean, from what I can tell even the cusps on the molars are perfectly symmetrical. Do you know of any humanoid with perfect teeth, because I sure as hell don't."

"Believe me when I say it's something that we're going to investigate throughly."

"What do you mean?"

"From what I understand that is one of the first places we're going into first."


"Oh yes. Finish what you can of the landmarks, because later this week we're going in."
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"he-hello? is there someone there?"

"shhh. they'll hear you."


"it's okay. i'm not going to hurt you."

"how do i know that?"

"well, for starters, i've got no way to get to you."

"i..i thought i was alone."

"we all thought we were alone."


"yes. we. close your eyes little one. all will be explained when the light comes."


"what ever happens, for your sake as well as ours, don't scream."

"scream? why would i..."

"hide. eat. drink. empty yourself. vomit. do what ever you have to do to keep from screaming."


"if you scream, we're all done for."
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"This is amazing. I've never seen anything like this before."

"It gets that a lot."

"Yeah, I'll bet. I've never seen incantations like these before. And there's this weird sort of animal resonance going on right...around...there. There it is, do you see it?"

"Yes, but that doesn't make any sense as there are no other secondary or tertiary indicators of any sort of latent shape shifting ability."

"Could have been transfigured? Though I'd hate to meet the one with the power to do something like this. The arithmancy could carpet the entire Mid-West with the scratch sheets alone!"

"Uh...yes, that's exactly what I was thinking."

"Aww, lookit you pretending to understand me. You people are always so damn polite, it's cute."


"Heh, anyway, where's that charm you said you got off of him."

"Over here. We know it's an Egyptian symbol, but every time we try to scan it, it's like..."

"Cold iron.'s silver, and yet it's devoid of magic in a way that could only be magical. Woah! Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"The spells, it's almost like the spells relaxed when it was brought closer. WOW!"

"What? What do you see?"

"There's's beautiful. Here...hold this. I want to get a closer look at that."

"Oop, I suppose...but, what are we looking at?"

" There's a ball of, it's almost like energy, embedded in the coils around him.'s fantastic."


"Do you hear that?"

"Shh, I've almost got it."


"I don't think sounds like..."

"Come on...just a little bit more. Show momma what you've got..."


"Bloody hell and Nora!"




"I...I'm sorry. It's never done that before. Ever. I...oh dear Merlin, are you all right?"

"Do I look like I'm all right? Do I sound like I'm all right?"
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"I thought I told you to get rid of those."


"The blasted forks."

"Oh....OH! Those! Yes Sir, you did."

"And yet here they remain? Well within arms reach of subject 122.125?"

"I'm afraid that's correct, Sir. Every time we try to move them somewhere else, they keep finding their way here."

"Have you tried..."

"Locks, spells, and even goblins. Nothing can keep these things away from him."


"Uh...yes Sir, it."

"Very peculiar. And we've done all sorts of scans on these as well."

"As many as we can do without the aid of a Cursebreaker, yes. I've added that to the long list of questions..."

"When does he get here?"

"She will arrive within the week."

"Good. Right. She. Good. Excellent."

"Like I said, there's a whole list of questions we've been compiling..."



"These marks here, the silver ones? Do we have any idea what they're from?"

"That's number seven on the list, Sir. At first we thought they might be embedded memories, what with the sheen and all..."

"It looks like a bite mark."

"That was our best assessment as well, Sir. Maybe a werewolf?"

"Pfft, hardly. What werewolf would cause a silver bite?"

"None that I know of, Sir."


"But with all due respect, Sir, it's not like there's any record of anything like hi-it in our texts either."

"Too right. Too too right. How are the blood extractions going."

"Uh...good. We're running four groups. Control of course, then a serum, red, and whole blood series."

"What test subjects are we using again?"

"Kneazles and rats, Sir."

"Good show. Right then, keep me posted. And for Merlin's sake floo me the second that Cursebreaker gets here."
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"Is everybody in? Good. Let's begin."

"Patient is a white muggle male. Approx guess is early twenties in age. Presents with broken ribs; scattered lacerations across the face, arms and torso; and a concussion. Initial diagnosis was difficult due to the overabundance of..."

"Excuse me, what do you mean approximate guess? Have we changed the vital statistics protocols since yesterday?"

" sir."

"So then maybe you want to explain to me why there's an age approximation on this patient's chart."

"Sir you see..."

"Is your wand broken?"

"What, Sir?"

"Your wand. Is it broken."

"NO, Sir."

"Well then, maybe you would be so kind as to tell us all why it is that you did not cast Aetas aestimo the moment this patient was entrusted into your care."

"I tried, Sir. But wouldn't work. The spell just...disbursed, Sir. Or he absorbed it, I'm not sure which."

"How many 36 hours shifts have you worked in the last two weeks?"

"Four...but I don't see what this has to do with anything! Try it yourself! You'll get nothing."

"Fine. Aetas aestimo."

"See! It's just...the magic's like it disappears. And it doesn't matter how close you get to him, it's just...gone. It doesn't matter what the spell is, it's like Taffylon."

"Teflon. Wait, didn't you say he was a muggle?"

"Yes, Sir. As far as I can tell he is. He was admitted last week along with Nymphadora Tonks's husband, Sir. He was there with them, Sir."

"Is that why he's still unconscious?"

"No, Sir. I uh...I've stunned him, Sir. Repeatedly."

"I thought you said..."

"It's the only spell that works, Sir. And good thing, really. He's a nasty bastard when he's awake. American."

"Hmmm. Yes. Right. Anything else?"

"Yes, a lot actually. The UNMENTIONABLES wouldn't give us much personal data, and he was uncooperative like no other patient I've seen, but from what I've been able to find ...he doesn't exist, Sir."

"Doesn't exist. Well, he's right there."

"That's not what I mean, Sir. There's no record of him anywhere. He doesn't even have proper fingerprints. And his's off the charts. There's no way that he could possibly be human, and that's why I...that's why I contacted you, Sir."

"And it's a good thing you did. He's a nice catch. A good find. Get his discharge paperwork moving forward."

"Discharge, Sir?"

"Yes. Discharge this Raphael, and admit Subject #122.125. If he was unknown before, then no one will miss him."
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*The rain has let up enough for Raph to do some additional tinkering on his bike out back. Sure, he could easily be doing this inside, but since his tent fried forcing him to move back into the bar proper, he take any opportunity to be outside that he can.

It's not claustrophobia. It's just...being outdoorsy. Yeah, that's it.*
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*Whatever weirdness life has thrown at him, either in Milliways or back in New York, one thing has always managed to bring Raph back from the edge of insanity: A quiet spot where he can drink his beer and listen to his game.

The spot is usually on a roof, but today it has one of its own.
The game is usually baseball, but today it's Quidditch.
The ever present drink of choice is always beer, but never quality as good as this.

Pleased Raph kicks back to enjoy what he hopes will be a good 5 hour match with his Magpies walking away with the snitch. He's got money riding on it after all.

Something rips through the tent, causing the lights to brown before blacking out entirely.
Or maybe that's just Raph losing consciousness, falling from his couch and hitting his head soundly on the coffee table.
Something in the dark growls a little louder than before.*
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What about your characters makes you want to continue to play them,what brings you joy from them. Not what originally drew you to them,but what makes you keep them through all the purges, dramatic moments,nervous breakdowns, late assignments, finals week, thesis/researchprojects, etc.

Raphael )

Michaelangelo )

The Oompa Loompas )

[more to come]
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*The world is ending. And honestly, the way Raph is feeling right now, he doesn't care. If it could end just a little bit quieter though, he'd be a much happier ex-turtle.

Even the little light that bleeds through the shades is too much, so Raph attempts to bury himself under a pillow.

Hangovers, ain't they a bitch*
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*Raph is attempting to feed himself. No it's not the act of eating that has him flummoxed, it's the part that comes before the eating that seems to continually get the better of him. Cooking is not Raph's friend. This is why there's a still slightly smoldering pot in the kitchen sink, and why he's grumbling as he eats his sandwich on the couch of the living room portion of his studio. Only slightly louder than his cantankerous mutterings is the sound of the Wizard Wireless off in the corner. Holyhead Harpies are playing Pride of Portree*
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*Things are better. Sure his ribs still hurt and there's a few more days to go before his stitches can come out, at least the bruises around his face have finally healed. And yeah, it's more than possible that he would be 100% by this point if he'd just leave well enough alone and not push himself. But really, what are the chances of that happening.*
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