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Birthdate:Dec 21

Yes I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.

Me ... I feign insanity. Makes it more fun for me. An' it gives Leo justification for my ... "behavior".

What can I say that hasn't been said a billion times before? Not much. I'm the "dark" one. The Cynic. The Pessimist. The Crazy. The Angry Young Man.
Or, for those of you who ain't Polyannas, the Realist.

It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm a Big Dog... but I lie low unless somebody gets my back up. I don't start 'em, I finish 'em. I'm out of cliches... but those sum me up nicely.

I'm pretty anti-social and short-tempered, I admit. Most people just get on my nerves. I like to leave-alone and be left alone. If more people were like me, I think things would be better off. I know I'd be better off!

I guess I need to learn how to relax. To find my "center," as Splinter sez. I'm workin' on it. Sometimes I envy Mikey his good-natured temperment. Sometimes I think I'd like to be that way. Sometimes...

The saying goes "Ignorance is bliss"... as I grow older, I'm trying to grow wiser... kind of a contradiction, innit?

Unusual Physical Charastics
Raph is a 5'2" tall anthropomorphic turtle. While he may try to hide this fact with large overcoats, sweaters, and hats of various styles, it doesn't change the fact that he's clearly lacking hair of any type, has three fingers, and is green.

Raph has been accidentally made human. He's roughly 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, brown eyes. He once had brown hair, but now prefers to shave his head. This decision has nothing what so ever to do with his receding hairline, and everything to do with looking more bad ass.

Even after spending nearly a decade in Tortall, Raph somehow manages to still maintain his rather heavy New Yawk accent.

This may go without saying, but ... this journal has not been endorsed by Mirage Studios Nickelodeon Studios. I'm not making any money off this venture. I am but a humble fanboy looking to kill a whole bunch of time at work. Thank you.
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