Jun. 23rd, 2008


Jun. 23rd, 2008 02:56 pm
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The morning sun peeks through the heavily draped window casting bright beams across the bed. Raph stirs with a grunt, and shifts to avoid the light. Or...rather he attempts to, but there seems to be a blonde woman draped across his bed and entangled in the linens and limiting his movement. Even half asleep he smiles. She stayed. At first he doesn't want to wake her, but then parts of him become very insistent that he do so.

He presses a kiss to her shoulder and tasting the sweat that lingers on her skin. His rough and calloused hands smooth their way down her back and along her side, stopping to rest on the curve of her hip. 

She leans into his touch as she rises from the depths of deep sleep, sighing happily at the feeling of his lips on her skin.
"leave me alone you nasty brute, can't you see i'm getting my beauty sleep?" she mumbles feigning annoyance, but her smile gives her away.
"All the more reason you should get up. You're already far too pretty to be seen with the likes of me."  She laughs and elbows him playfully.
"We shall have no more of that talk."
"You know it's true! In fact, I think my only hope is to keep....you....from sleeping...ever...again. just so maybe we can break even." Each pause punctuated by a kiss and a slide of his hands.
"mmmm, you do make a good case, sir."
They kiss long, deep, and slow.


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