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"That it then? You're just gonna ignore me?"

Abigail does not grace either question with an answer, opting instead to make herself busy by straightening up the general bar area. A whole week he has been gone without so much as a message or letter to say why or how. A whole week. The nerve of the man. Who does he think he is? She replaces the freshly cleaned crockery to their proper places with a bit more force than is strictly necessary.

"Abs, come on. I said I was sorry."

Oh that he did, she thinks to herself as she wipes down the bar top for what must be the third time this conversation.

"Perhaps you should leave her be," adds Thomas from the doorway that leads to the kitchen. The youngest of Abigail's brothers leans heavy on the door frame, doing his best to keep his amusement at his sister's temper tantrum to a minimum.

"An' here I thought she'd be glad to see me back in one piece," says Raph to Thomas without ever so much taking his eyes of Abigail.

"Mmm, it's possible she's fighting the urge to remedy that."

"Ya' think?"

"I don't try to make a habit of it, no."

"You're at least happy to see me, right?"

"Oh yes, most certainly. With you now safely returned there's a greater chance I might have a full night of sleep to myself. No more all-hours pacing through my room to keep an eye on the road. If nothing else we'll save quite a bit of coin on candles."

"That worried, huh?"

Thomas' only response is to raise both hands in surrender, as if any further explanation would somehow make him an accomplice.

"I'm a big boy who can take care of himself, you know."

"Aye, you're a great big something," says Abigail with her back to both of them. "A great big something indeed."
With that she storms from the room, slamming any door that dares find its way into her path.

"She loves me."

"For your sake I certainly hope so. It might be the only thing that keeps her from killing you."


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